Lars Reiffers, born in Germany in 1978, is a painter who finds his primary means of expression in art. Since 1999, he has been captivated by the motifs of still life, landscapes and museum spaces evident in his extensive portfolio reflecting nuanced explorations of color, layers, and textures.

Studying art in Aix-en-Provence and Münster, Reiffers, inspired by his professor Hermann-Josef Kuhna, has cultivated a distinctive artistic style. Employing a camera as an archive, he gathers a myriad of motifs. Starting with photographic references, his painting process evolves, achieving a delicate balance between realism and abstraction.

Reiffers explores the varied facets of nature, capturing moments from tranquil to impulsive. His works, serving as aesthetic nature portraits, convey interpretative messages. The artist magnifies motifs to immerse viewers in an immediate and intense experience.

Since 2016, Reiffers has directed his focus to "Spaces," particularly within museum settings. Creating intricate compositions, he integrates visitors, artworks, and space harmoniously. These paintings not only mirror history and identity but also present a contemporary perspective on collective memories and cultural awareness.

Reiffers' art invites viewers to actively connect emotionally with the beauty of color compositions. His works transcend visual perception, establishing a link between the present and the past, nature and culture. Ultimately, his paintings reflect the essence of life—its will, vitality, transience, and the unfathomable nature—in a nonverbal and universal manner.


Lars Reiffers, 1978 born in Engelskirchen, Germany

lives and works in Nümbrecht (near Cologne), Germany

Education and Awards

Studied art at Université de Provence Aix-en-Provence (France) under Prof. F. Faure, Prof. A. Absensour, and Prof. J.-C. Le Gouic 

Attended the Art Academy Münster, under the guidance of Professor Hermann-Josef Kuhna 

European Scholarship, Art Academy Münster 
Lucas Cranach Prize 2001, Kronach 

Designation as Master Student of Professor Kuhna 

Academic Degree

Selected Exhibitions

Kunstgedöns Otte&Co. Gallery, Cologne (Solo);  "Lucas Cranach Award" Fränkische Galerie of the Bavarian National Museum, Kronach (Group)

Maison de Heidelberg, Centre Culturel Allemand, Montpellier (Solo);
"Hommage to Lucas Cranach," Fränkische Galerie of the Bavarian National Museum, Kronach (Group)

WGZ-Bank "Klasse Kuhna," Düsseldorf (Group); Horrach Moya and Art Forum Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (Group); Dolmabahce Serail, Museum for Painting and Sculpture, Istanbul (Group)

Art Forum Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (Solo); Zandari Gallery, Seoul (Group); KölnKunst7, Colonius Carré, Cologne (Group)

Kunstverein Oberhausen (Solo); Zandari Gallery, Seoul (Group); Gallery Space IEUM, Beijing (Group); Städtische Galerie im Park, Viersen (Group)

 Kunsttachometer Theofilos Klonaris, Palma de Mallorca (Solo); Schöber Gallery, Dortmund (Solo); Kunstverein Achim (Solo)

Kunsttachometer Theofilos Klonaris, Berlin (Solo); Zeche Zollverein, Essen (Group); Schöber Gallery, Dortmund (Group)

Oberfinanzdirektion Münster (Solo); Kulturhof Westerbeck, Osnabrück (Solo); Kunsttachometer Theofilos Klonaris, Palma de Mallorca (Solo)

Hoffmann Gallery, Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Solo); Cerny & Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group); Driesch:Klonaris Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (Group); Artspace K5, Cologne (Group)

Klonaris Fine Art, Palma de Mallorca (Solo) ;Hoffmann Gallery, Rheda Wiedenbrück (Group); Messmer Foundation, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl (Group); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group)

Burg Lüdinghausen, Kaktus Kulturforum (Solo); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Solo); Michael Nolte Gallery, Münster (Group); Klonaris Fine Art, Palma de Mallorca (Group)

IHK Bielefeld (Solo); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group); Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Group); "The Fourth Element" Wasserburg Haus Graven, Langenfeld (Group); Klaus Siepmann Gallery, Düsseldorf (Group)

Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Solo); Le Coeur, Cologne (Solo); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group); Klonaris Fine Art, Palma de Mallorca (Group); Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Group)

Hoffmann Gallery, Rheda-Wiedernbrück (Group); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group); Klonaris Fine Art, Palma de Mallorca (Group)

Schöber Art-isotope Gallery, Dortmund (Solo); Celeste PRIZE 2016, The Bargehouse OXO, London (Group)

Sparkasse Karlsruhe Art Prize (Group); Kö meets Art, Düsseldorf (Group); Young Masters, London (Group)


Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Solo); Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London (Group); Cerny and Partner Gallery, Wiesbaden (Group); Städtische Galerie Villa Streccius, Landau/Pfalz (Group)

Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Solo); Klonaris Fine Art, Palma de Mallorca (Solo); Kunstverein Nümbrecht (Solo)

Schöber Gallery, Wertheim (Group); Nolte Gallery, Münster (Group); Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Group)

Kunst im Schloss, Untergröningen (Group); Kunstverein Achim (Group); Haus Graven e.V. Langenfeld (Group); CUBUS Kunsthalle, Duisburg (Group); Bergwerk Halle Reden, Schiffweiler (Group); Simon Nolte Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (Solo); Gabriele Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Group); Art in Salotto Gallery, Milan (Group); Paola Forni Gallery, Bologna (Group)

Christian Marx Gallery, Düsseldorf (Group); Art-Isotope Gallery, Fröndenberg (Solo); Gabriele Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Group)

Christian Marx Gallery, Düsseldorf (Group), Knokke Art fair Art-isotope Gallery (Group); Art-isotope Gallery, Fröndenberg (Group)

Planned Exhibitions Christian Marx Gallery, Düsseldorf (Solo); Stadtmuseum Beckum (Solo) Gabriele Hovestadt Gallery, Nottuln (Solo); Palm Beach Modern & Contemporary Artfair with  Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London (Group); San Fransisco Artfair with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London (Group); Christian Marx Gallery Düsseldorf (Group)

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